Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surgery 3 went well

This morning, we arrived at the surgery center at 7:15 am this morning. Jack was a trooper. He really only asked a few times for something to eat and really was very patient. I think at about 9, they took us back. Probably the hardest part was that Jack didn't want to wear the yellow jammies they had planned for him. It wasn't until the Versaid kicked in that he finally got over the yellow jammies. Soon after that, they took him back for surgery.

They called several times to update us in the waiting room, which was very nice. It sounded like they started about 10:45am and then Dr. Reinisch came out at about 2pm. He said that he replaced the skin grafts behind both ears, replaced the puckered skin on the front of the left ear, removed the hair, fixed the scar (from the cup after the first surgery) on his scalp on the right side, and adjusted his earlobes and the tragus on each ear. He placed a wick in the left ear and we debated what to use to keep the canal open. Dr. Reinisch is not crazy about having the hard plug in there - he is a little concerned with it rubbing and exposing the medpor. I will follow up with Dr. Roberson on this...

It took a while for Jack to wake up. His ears are very swollen. They pretty much look like they did after the bug bite this summer. He has sponges behind the ears to support them and one sponge on top of his left ear when the new skin is. Once he started to perk up, he began eating. And eating. And eating. He really ate like a teenager, pretty much until he went to bed. He was kind of upset to notice himself in the mirror and touched his ears and then frowned really sour. He was not pleased with his appearance. Other than being al ittle wobbly and not happy with the sponges behind his ears, he was actually in great spriits. He watched a few movies - while he ate - and then went to sleep at about 8pm.

We have an appointment to see Dr. reinisch at 9:30am and then will head back home. I will drop Trish off on the way and should be back home before bed time tomorrow night. When we get home tomorrow, I will post pictures.


Simone said...

Hi Sonja,

Glad to hear the surgery went well. You must feel so relieved to have all Jack's surgeries behind you.

Hope his recovery is quick & smooth,

Regards Simone & Chelsea

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