Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Jack is doing great. His ears are healing nicely. The new skin graft is wrinkling a bit like in the past, but it is our hope that the ear projection will stay just as it is right now. The two ears match pretty well and the ear canal on the left ear looks much bigger.

I have to share this story... Last week, Jack came in and was talking to me about his ears. He was telling me that his ear does not bend any more on the top (where the medpor is), but that it does bend down on the ear lobe. He was telling me very factually, like he was just informing me. He wasn't upset about it or anything. So, I told him that it was just a little while ago that he didn't have any ears and that Dr. Roberson and Dr. Reinisch did the surgery so that he could have his big ears. He looked at me like I was completely crazy! It was very cute. He has absolutely no recollection of having microtia or what his ears were like before all of this. I thought that was kind of amazing.

Here are some pics from today:

Happy New Year!