Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Left ear update

Last week the molds came in. On Friday, I took Jack to Palo Alto to pick them up. Dr. Colen removed the wick, cleaned his ears out said they both look really good. She then inserted the plug in the left ear. We then had it modified a little by shaving off a little of the outside rim and putting a small hole in it so we could tether it to his shirt.

We came back home and right away it was persistently falling out. Here was the solution to that problem:

We had Jack wear the plug all day and night until Monday. We have been taking it out while he is at preschool. It is pretty tight when we put it back in, but he seems to not be bothered by it when it is in place. He seems to be hearing a little better and things are looking good.

We will graduate to a larger plug soon and are praying that this will do the trick.

All for now...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Progress comes in little bits

I know, long time without and update. So sorry. This one will be worth it, though...

Last week I took Jack to California Ear Institute. His hearing test was pretty horrible, but his ear has some debris in it and he is all stuffed up from allergies. The good news is that his ear canal is still open and Dr. Roberson was able to make an impression of his ear canal to have a mold made. They will have 4 serially larger molds made with a hole down the middle so Jack can hear while wearing it. We will put the smallest one in first and then will move up to the larger ones to hopefully keep the canal open. Before we left, Dr. Roberson was able to get a wick in place really well. So, that was all good. Now, we wait for the molds to come in...

So, here is the "worth it" part. Jack LOVES dinosaurs. I can hardly say the names. Jack is simply fascinated with the dinosaurs themselves and the complicated names for them. Here I am reading some off to him with him repeating them.