Sunday, September 10, 2006

So, what have we been up to?

While we wait, there is actually a lot to be done. With three kids in the house there seems to be no shortage of things to be done. So, I thought maybe it would be nice to give a little update on the rest of our lives!

The kids all seem to be adjusting to our new routine with school back in session. Big Sister started a new preschool and after a few teary-eyed days is enjoying her new Montessori environment. See photo of the first day of school...

Biggest Sister and Big Brother are enjoying their new teachers and are immersed in soccer. I am helping coach Biggest Sister's team and that consumes our Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Dad is treasurer for Big Brother's scouts (I guess paying the family bills was just too much fun and he wanted to find some extra ones :-).

Last weekend was Big Sister's 3rd birthday. It arrived amongst great anticipation as the age of 3 seems to bring with it the awareness of gifts. We had a BBQ with many folks from work stopping by for ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs and brats. Another big event for the weekend was the first haircut for Big Sister. It seemed a bit of a crime to cut off that long sprig of hair after it took so long for it to grow, but the end result of my clipping is quite cute after all!

A few weeks ago we painted Little Brother and Big Sister's bedroom blue and are getting ready to decorate it with some stars and moons handmade by the kids. Before the birthday party we did a furniture shift with the arrival of Big Brother's dresser. So, Little Brother now has a dresser and everyone's closets got the big clean-out. The crib is now up and ready for Little Brother and his freshly made flannel blanket is hanging at the ready. Dad got a little sentimental as he assembled the crib for the last time. We laughed as we recalled the first assembly during Monday Night Football in the living room of our first house. This turned out to be a critical error as it didn't fit through the doorway and had to be disassembled and re-assembled - a fact that has not been forgotten!

I have also tried to get a jump start on the Halloween costume making this year. We are sewing a bold and colorful gypsy costume for Biggest Sister and a black cloak to go with a scary mask for Big Brother. Big Sister will use a recycled blue M&M costume - anyone remember that one? We will just have to see what we can convince Little Brother to wear, but I am betting on a pumpkin costume (thanks fairy godmother).

So, the days go by and we wait still for our TA. I think today is something like day 65 and I am starting to wonder if we will indeed make it to China in October. I sure hope so. Little Brother, we will be there as soon as we can!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New pics!

Great news today! A wonderful lady that I met in a Yahoo! group was in Chengdu in August to get her little girl. She very generously offerred to take pictures and send them to those of us still waiting. Well, today I checked my e-mail and she had sent us four photos of Little Brother! The pictures are of all the children singing a goodbye song to the little girl who is leaving the orphanage.

So, we are still waiting, but we have been blessed with a little peek at Little Brother (he is sitting next to the man in the pink shirt and is wearing a pink tank top and blue shorts).

We don't have our TA, but this was sure a nice surprise!